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SAE Standard Hydraulic Hose

DIN Standard Hydraulic Hose

Air/Water Hose

Fuel Oil Hose

Jack Hammer Hose

Freon Hose

Sand Blast Hose

Chemical Hose

Food Grade Rubber Hose

Air Brake Hose For Rallway and Truck

Teflon Hoses

Smoothbore Telfon Hose

Convoluted Telfon Hose

Suction & Discharge Hoses

Suction Discharge Water Hose

Suction Discharge Oil Hose

Suction Discharge Acid-Alkali Hose

Cement Suction Delivery Hose

Welding Hoses

Oxygen Hose

Acetylene Hose

Twin Welding Hose

LPG Hose

Fabric Reinforced Hoses

Fabric Reinforced Air Hose

Fabric Reinforced Water Hose

Fabric Reinforced Oil Hose

Fabric Reinforced Hot Water Hose

Fabric Reinforced Steam Hose

Special Rubber Hoses

Wire Braided Steam Hose

Concrete Pump Hose

Rotary Drilling Hose

Dredging Hose

Floating Dredging Hose

Floating Oil Hose

Marine Dock Oil Hose with Steel Flange

PVC Clear Hose

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Suction Hose

PVC Garden Hose

PVC Air Hose

PVC Welding Hose

Expandable Garden Hose

Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Fire Hoses

Natural Rubber Lining Fire Hose

EPDM Fire Hose

TPU Lining Fire Hose

PVC Lining Fire Hose

Double Jacket Fire Hose

Double Hose-Rubber Covered

Plastic Hose Guard Hydraulic Hoses
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Industrial Hoses


Air/Water Hose

Tube:SBR blended,black,smooth.Reinforcement:Textile braided high tensile synthetic yarn.Cover:EPDM/SBR blended,black,or red yellow,weather and ozone resistant.Application:Air/Water Hose has wide range service in general industrial.mobiles shop pneumatic tools,etc.Length:40,50,100M.Packing:Transparent P.V.C.film or weaving bags.

Fuel Oil Hose

Tube:Black NITRIL rubber tube,oil and fuel resistant,smooth,Reinforcement:Textile braided high tensile synthetic yarn.Cover:Black smooth NEOPRENE rubber.oil,ozone,weather,abrasion resistant.Application:in fuel systems like gasoline,diesel fuel.also suitable for loading and unloading tank cars,automobiles.oil refine and oil related industrial etc.

Jack Hammer Hose

Tube:EPDM/SBR Blended Spiral or braided polyester reinforcement.Reinforcement:EPDM/SBR blended,wrapped or smooth,abrasion,ozone and sunlight resistant.WP:3000 psi,BP:1200psi,
Colors available:Matt red,yellow,blue,green,Assembly coupled with universal couplings attached with 2 Band-it clamps each end.

Freon Hose

Application:For the transportation of R12,R22,R502,R134a medium,etc.Widely use in vehicle air condition industry freezing device.Structure:1.Interior lining is made up of special rubber formula which endure R12,R22,R502,R134a;2.Exterior lining is made up of whether-endurable rubber,strengthen lining is weaving fiber.

4-5-sand-balst-hose Sand Blast Hose

Application:Long lasting heavy duty hose exceptionally tough and abrasion resistant for use in the abrasive blasting industry.This hose will conduct static electricity through the tube compound.Tube:Black smooth abrasion resistant rubber,with static dissapating,properties.


Chemical Hose

Multi-functional chemical rubber hose designed to handle 98% of all chemical,solvents and corrosive liquids in both pressure and suction service.Tube:Modified elastomers.Reinforcement:Multiple textile piles with dual helix wire working.


Food Grade Rubber Hose

Tube:XLPE and natural rubber.
Cover:Natural rubber,Reinforcement:Multi-layer with steel wire.

4-8-Air-Brake-Hose-For-Rallway and Truck

Air Brake Hose For Rallway And Truck

Tube:Black butanenitrile/natural rubber.
COVER:Black abrasion,oil,weather&zone resistant black butanenitrile rubber.
Reinforcement:Multi-layer fiber layer.

DIN Standard Hydraulic Hoses

1-2-1-DIN-EN-853-1SN-1ST 1-2-2-DIN-EN-853-2SN-2ST 1-2-3-DIN-EN-857-1SC 1-2-4-DIN-EN-857-2SC

DIN EN 853 1SN/ST Hydraulic Hose

DIN EN 853 2SN/2ST Hydraulic Hose

DIN EN 857 1SC Hydraulic Hose

DIN EN 857 2SC Hydraulic Hose

1-2-5-DIN-EN-856-4SP 1-2-6-DIN-EN-856-4SH    

DIN EN 856 4SP Hydraulic Hose

DIN EN 856 4SH Hydraulic Hose


Other Products:


Cement Suction Delivery Hose

Tube:Black,smooth.compounded for long wear resistance in handing hard,sharp,abrasive materials.it is anti-static.Application:Dry material suction and delivery hose specially designed for transfer of dry cement,sand gravel,feed,seeds,etc.By suction,gravity or by pneumatic systems.
6-5-Fabric-Reinforced-Steam-Hose Fabric Reinforced Steam Hose
Application:Fabric Reinforced Steam Hose is used for intermittent conveying of saturated vapor or super heated water at a temperature below 175℃。The vapor pressure above 0.4MPa is not allowed.Features:Fabric Reinforced Steam Hose is made of excellent heat resistant rubber and materials.it is safe to use.

Suction Discharge Acid-Alkali Hose

Application:Suction Discharge Acid -Alkali Hose is designed to handle a wide range of chemical,acids and alcohols during production and transport operations;it is specially recommended for the transfer of industrial waters,sea water and for use on water purification works.


Dredging Hose

Performance:The flange discharge hoses are used for silt/gravels conveyance with Dredgers.The suitable working temperature is from -20℃ to 50℃。It is convenient to install,flexible to use,safe,abrasion-resistant and bending-resistant.


PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

Characteristics:PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose is flexible,transparent.durable,non-toxic,without order,anti-erosion and adaptable to high pressure condition。By adding colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose.it looks more beatiful Application:PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose is used for conveying water,oil,gas under normal working condition in the factory,farm,ship,building and family.

Add: Shenye Center,No.9 Shan dong Road, Qingdao, China       Postcode:266071
Whats App:86-151 9251 4661         Mobile Phone:86-151 9251 4661
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